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Oral sex while driving in Italy


Is oral sex while driving forbidden by Italian Highway Code?

There is no law, neither in the Italian Highway Code, nor in any other Italian law code, specifically banning the performance of sexual acts while driving.

However, this does not mean an unconditional waiver towards any kind of prurient act when driving.

Beyond the fact that the act itself may be considered as being indecent behaviour in public places (the road remains a public area even with little traffic or at night,), such act may be penalized as being a criminal offence against the rules of the road.

General dispositions impose the driver to behave responsibly and to not pose a danger for themselves and for other people.

In detail:

  • a. the driver must maintain the control of their vehicle and be able to adopt any necessary safety measure, and in particular be able to stop the car promptly [1];
  • b. the driver must have maximum freedom of movement to make the necessary driving manoeuvres [2].

Oral sex, while undoubtably allowing the driver freedom of manoeuvre, due to the condition of passivity during the whole performance, reduces the level of concentration, compromising mental alertness and ability to understand the road dynamics.

Hence, you are out of luck: receiving your partner's attention, while your hands are at the wheel, means running the risk of getting a fine for dangerous driving.

To this regard, we remind you that the interpretation of what constitutes dangerous driving is evaluated case by case: on the basis of objective elements, but also on the basis of the subjective evaluation of the verifying police officer.

Besides, in the event of an accident, if there is a trace of such behaviour in the report of police officers, beyond the embarrassing situation it may cause, it will encumber (not little) on defining liabilities of the accident and on any due insurance compensation.

[1] Art. 141, sub-par. 2, Italian Highway Code: violation of this article is punished with a fine between 41 and 168 euro.

[2] Art. 169, sub-par. 1, Italian Highway Code: violation of this article is punished with a fine between 84 and 335 euro.