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Paganelli & Associati Studio Legale

Our Law Firm has been built on the wealth of experience and legal knowledge of two former Law Firms founded in the early 1970s by relatives of our founder, Luigi Paganelli. Now Paganellli & Associati can count on a large group of lawyers, paralegals and collaborators, enabling us to assist our clients in all the main legal, commercial and fiscal matters.

Luigi Paganelli, an attorney qualified to practice before the Italian High Court of Justice (Corte di Cassazione), started our Law Firm in 1991 and, drawing on his prior experience as “sole practitioner” has dealt with a wide spectrum of civil and criminal matters but is now specialized in business law.

Thanks to all other partners and associates, one other being qualified to practice before the High Court of Justice, Paganelli & Associati assists its clients across a wide range of legal cases and advises in the general practice areas of civil and criminal law, including litigation and arbitration, negotiation and agreements:

- civil liability, - company and business law (both national and international), - insolvency and bankruptcy law, - labor and agency law, - real estate and land law, lease and rent, - family and divorce law, - inheritance and wills, - insurance and banking law, - debt collection, - industrial and trademarks law, - black crimes and “white collar” crime.

Drawing on consolidated links with other law firms, Paganelli & Associati is able to provide its clients with specialized legal assistance in the following practice areas: tax litigation, EU and competition, public and administrative law, shipping. Luigi Paganelli is founding partner of MonzaLegal.com which specializes in offering legal services to non-Italian clients; accordingly we have established professional relationships with partners and clients worldwide.

MonzaLegal, in particular, was conceived by professionals living and working in and around Monza - a city known over the world for its racetrack which is set in the walled park of Monza which also houses the royal villa. The racetrack brings visitors and professionals to this city from all over the world and is synonymous with rapidity, a drive for excellence and innovation. These are all values which we would like to bring to the legal profession - hence MonzaLegal. 

The Mission

Cross-border dealing with any legal issue (agreements, disputes, business, real estate), maybe in a foreign language, can be difficult:
It requires a solid trust in the professionals you hire and a clear agreement about the costs of the services you acquire.

Our Mission is:

to assist Italians and non-Italians worldwide who are seeking for Italian legal and business services, efficiently and competitively, using modern communication systems.

We analyze your needs and offer workable solutions within 48 hours.

The Vision

Our vision is simple:
  • Remove barriers
  • Cut costs
  • Speed up procedures


To help
  • Non-Italians deal with law cases & business issues wherever in Italy AND
  • Italians who need help to build business wherever in the world.

the vision