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A group of professionals, mainly Italian lawyers, solicitorschartered accountants and consultants in and around Monza, northern Italy.

We offer an alternative to established international firms which whilst they provide good legal and business services they come at a high price.

Through MonzaLegal you gain rapid access to lawyers and other providers of professional services in Italy at a lower price, without having to go through Italian Chambers of Commerce or other professional bodies which takes time.






luigi paganelli

Business and
Company Law

Luigi Paganelli - Lawyer
and founding partner

P.Iva 02297620961

 logo linkedin luigi paganelli

Notaio Carlo Conti

Public Notary

and Real Estate Deeds
Carlo Conti - Notary 
P.Iva 02563220967

logo google plus Carlo Conti

Maura Pizzardi

Labour, Contract Law
and litigation

Maura Pizzardi - Lawyer
P.Iva 02757120965

Lawyer Barbara Masserelli

Labour Law
Barbara Masserelli - Lawyer
P.Iva 02857140962

logo linkedin Barbara Masserelli


Lawyer Daniele Sala

Debt collection and
credit recovery

Daniele Sala - Lawyer
P.Iva 06995390966

logo linkedin Daniele Sala

Marco Mosconi - chartered accountant

Assistance in M&A, Domestic
and International Tax Planning

Marco Mosconi
- Chartered Accountant

P.Iva 02411840966

logo linkedin Marco Mosconi

 Lawyer Stefano Parravicini

Property and Inheritance Law
Stefano Parravicini
- lawyer

P.Iva 07443150961

logo linkedin Stefano Parravicini


Criminal Law
Michele Vaira - Lawyer
P.Iva 03148430717

logo linkedin Michele Vaira


Chartered Accountant Paola Paganelli

Tax litigation,
administration in bankruptcy
and insolvency cases

Paola Paganelli
- Chartered accountant

P.Iva 00962900965

logo linkedin Paola Paganelli





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