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Wrongful conduct of the Italian Public Administration

Sentence of Cassation n.23277/10: unexpected decision over damages caused by (poorly or non) – maintained public highways ‹‹About liability for damages caused by assets owned by Public Administration. The Court of Cassation holds that, should the enforcement of the law in the sense of Article 2051¹ of the Civil Code not be realizable since bailment…

Women’s rights and marriage in Italy

After the reform on family law in 1975, the condition of women radically changed: the role of the breadwinner (considered as such only for registry purposes) was abolished and since then women and men have had equal rights and duties (Law 151/1975). One of the places where it is most difficult to make your rights…

Women’s rights and cohabitation in Italy

If you decide to cohabite with your partner in Italy without getting married, bear in mind that Italian laws do not regulate your situation. However, a recent intervention of the Court of Cassation considered certain exceptions, provided you can prove that it is not an occasional relationship, but it is stable enough to guarantee a…

Who pays for extraordinary expenses to the minor in case of separation?

The separated father, if wealthy, must pay up to the 80% of extraordinary expenses to the minor. This was decided by the Italian Court of Cassation with sentence 21273/2013. Meanwhile, the Italian Supreme Court declares that burdening the father with both ordinary needs and the 80% of extraordinary expenses does not represent a conflict nor…

Which is the role of Italian notaries?

Do you need to find a notary in Italy, but have problems with the Italian language? Contact us on www.monzalegal.com In Italy, consulting the notary will help you avoid many problems! We will help you by creating suitable legal solutions, in order to avoid future disputes and complications in case you need to: 1.) Buy…

What to do in case of car accident in Italy: the C.I.D. form

Did you rent a car and were involved in traffic accident in Italy and need a lawyer's help? Contact us at: www.monzalegal.com and we will be glad to assist you. In case of road crash in Italy, there are two main things to do: get the C.I.D. form filled in and signed by both parties…

What does civil liability cover in Italy

In Law, civil liability falls under the broader field of juridical liabilities. In particular, it identifies an entire institution which aims to identify the party to be charged with paying damages made to the other party. The latter may consider civil liability as a synonym of the atoning obligation imposed on the responsible party. Civil…

Violent and unfaithful husband in a case of separation in Italy

Brief Comment on the sentence of the Court of Civil Cassation, section I, sentence n.23236, 14th of October 2013. In Italy, it is typically said that when a couple splits up, both parties are at fault. However when a judge has to rule on a cause of separation, they have to weight up the behaviour…

Violation of family assistance duties and abandonment of the family home

Article 570 of Italian Criminal Code, concerning violation of family assistance duties under one definition encompasses a wide range of actions accountable for conscious and voluntary breach of duties of assistance, which originate from the matrimonial bond and from family ties. Abandonment of the family home is also included in this article, since even though…

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