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Compensation of damages

The amount of penalty is decided under art.2056 of the Italian Civil Code, which refers in turn to articles 1223, 1226 and 1227 of the c.c. In particular, compensation of damages is divided into “consequential loss or damage” and “loss of profits” (see art.1223 of the civ.code), if they are a direct and immediate consequence…

Commander Schettino and the ill-fated Costa Concordia

The case against Commander Schettino, captain of the Costa Concordia, took another step forwards in Italy’s courts yesterday The State Prosecutor of Grosseto filed trial request against commander Schettino. Evidence of heavy negligence of the captain seems more than enough to prove his liability. Also Costa Crociere (the ship owner, partially owned by Carnival) will…

Children rights in the Italian Constitution

The Italian Constitution is the fundamental Law in Italy and it lays the foundations for all the other laws and acts. In particular, the articles related to children rights in the section dedicated to Fundamental Principles are art. 3 and 10. Art. 3 of the Italian Constitution deals with the principle of formal equality between…

Cashpoint frauds in Italy using skimming devices

Italian Postal and Communication Police warned that there is a continuous activity of data and PIN seizure for cash machine card thefts. One of the most successful techniques in Italy and abroad in order to clone cards is due to the application of skimming devices over a card slot. Skimming devices have the form of…

Can foreigners buy real estate in Italy?

Italian Law gives to foreigners the permission to purchase real estate in Italy, under the following conditions: for foreigners not regularly resident in Italy: they can buy Italian property, only if an international treaty permits it or if there are terms of “reciprocity”: i.e. if it is possible for an Italian citizen to buy real…

Buying real estate or building land in Italy

The first thing to do when buying real estate is to sign the preliminary contract of purchase and, afterwards, to draw up the public record of purchase and sell with a Notary public. NOTA BENE: Foreigners and immigrants residing in Italy are reminded that the tax code provided by offices of the Internal Revenue Service…

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