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Avvocato Barbara Masserelli

Avvocato Barbara Masserelli



A brief interview to underline competences and skills, beliefs and achievements. Let’s lay bare the secrets that make us a winning team.

Barbara Masserelli

Lawyer Barbara Masserelli


  • What's your name?
  • My name is Barbara Masserelli.


  • Have you ever had a nickname? Explain it.
  • My Colleagues call me “Supermass” because I work a lot and I don’t tire easily.


  • What type of lawyer are you?
  • I specialize in Employment and welfare law. The fields I most often deal with are: dismissals (individual or collective), transfers, disciplinary procedures, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, agency and distribution agreement. This explains why my clients are mainly either company directors or managers or companies (both Italian and International) involved in the pharmaceutical, commercial, outsourcing or financial services industries.


  • What can you tell me about your education and training? Do you have any particular qualifications?
  • After graduating in law in 1996, I did a compulsory internship in a major law firm in Milano, where I worked for 9 years. Then, I became (and still am) an independent lawyer, in 1999. I am a consultant of Federmanager Lecco (the Union of Managers and Directors) and of UIL FPL Bergamo (Public Service Workers’ Union). I am a member of AGI-Associazione Giuslavoristi Italiani (the biggest association of employment lawyers in Italy)


  • Have you ever had any professional experience abroad?
  • No, I haven’t.


  • Why did you decide to become a lawyer?
  • I have always been fascinated by law, and a few weeks after I started working in a law firm in 1991, while I was a student, I understood that this was really what I wanted to do my whole life and I decided to specialize as an employment lawyer.


  • What are your professional skills?
  • I have no doubt: I am a practical woman, very good at problem-solving and fast at taking decisions.


  • Which are your personal skills?
  • I think, honesty with Clients and Colleagues showing respect towards people and rules.


  • Would you recommend your performance to someone else? Would you be a client of yourself? Why?
  • Yes, because I always try to do my best when giving advice to clients, in order to help them avoid problems and whenever problems already exist, I try to solve them in their best interests, looking for the most suitable course of action: I must admit I prefer a long negotiation to a long law suit.


  • Have you a professional motto?
  • Work hard and seriously, trying to ensure the best quality in my services.


  • Have you also a motto in life?
  • Yes, also in my personal life I always try to do my best in whatever I do.


  • What are you mostly proud of in your life?
  • I am mostly proud of the fact that I am a self-made woman, who started from nothing and built herself a career, because of self-commitment and sacrifices.


  • What do you think about yourself?
  • I think, I have a very strong character, able to face problems keeping a cool head.


  • Other curiosities you would like to underline?
  • I like travelling, reading and trekking.




For MonzaLegal I have developed a team for employment and labour law in the broad sense. This means dealing with hirings, individual dismissal, disciplinary procedures, unfair competition, managers hirings and dismissals. Other fields we will take care of concern management of job shortage situations (individual and collective dismissal, transfers, welfare procedures (CIG, CIGS, CIGO)), welfare law, agency law, distribution law, sales permission law, management of employment problems in M&A operations, management of employment problems in companies which are facing financial crisis and bankruptcy, job security and compliance, privacy law.