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Avvocato Daniele Sala

Avvocato Daniele Sala



A brief interview to underline competences and skills, beliefs and achievements. Let’s lay bare the secrets that make us a winning team.

Daniele Sala

Lawyer Daniele Sala


  • What's your name?
  • Daniele Sala


  • Have you ever had a nickname? Explain it.
  • No, I haven’t, but people usually call me “Dani” or “Dà”, because it is shorter and quicker to pronounce. Before qualifying as a lawyer , a colleague of mine used to call me “doc”.


  • What type of lawyer  are you?
  • I’m a civil lawyer, but I hope to become also a criminal lawyer.


  • Have you ever had any professional experience abroad?
  • No, I haven’t, but I would like to in the future.


  • Why did you decide to become a lawyer?
  • If I have to be honest, there isn’t a particular reason. I think it is in my nature.


  • What are your professional skills?
  • I mainly deal with civil liability, but I often work on credit recover and real estate cases.


  • Have you a professional motto?
  • No, I haven’t, except for:put the client’s interests before everything else.


  • Have you also a motto in life?
  • Never look back, never come back! 


  • What are you mostly proud of in your life?
  • Myself and my family.




In the Italian law, civil liability is also called “liability in tort” or “aquilian liability”. In general, a third party is responsible for the damage against you, not because they signed a contract with you, but because they did not respect a general duty of behavior, especially if such duty is fixed by laws regulating human activities (for instance, driving on the road, running a construction site, taking care of animals or managing real estate).

In all such cases our duty is to prove in front of a Judge what the violated rule was and how it occurred. We must prove afterwards the amount of the damage, from not only a financial, but also physical and moral point of view. Our team of expert lawyers and attorneys is ready to help you through all the legal steps and to meet your needs.