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Dottor Marco Mosconi

Dr. Marco Mosconi



A brief interview to underline competences and skills, beliefs and achievements. Let’s lay bare the secrets that make us a winning team.

Marco Mosconi

Marco Mosconi


  • What's your name?
  • Marco Mosconi.


  • Have you ever had a nickname? Explain it.
  • When I was a teenager my friends used to call me “the Count” as I was quite formal in my habits. No one calls me in that way now!


  • What type of professional are you?
  • I’m a Chartered Accountant and also a Certified Auditor– I’m specialized in M & A and Tax planning but I also act as statutory auditor and I sit on several boards of directors.


  • What can you tell me about your education and training? Do you have any particular qualifications?
  • I attended Bocconi University in Milan, where I graduated in Business Administration with 110/110 cum laude, and afterwards several specialed courses in Corporate Tax, Tax litigation, M & A, International Tax Planning, Transfer Pricing, Tax Planning for HNWI.
  • I have been teaching “Accounting” in Bocconi University, “Corporate Tax” in SDA Bocconi (Bocconi’s Business School) since 1993, “Corporate Tax” and “International Tax Planning” in several courses both for professionals (lawyers, accountants) and for company tax specialists, “tax litigation” in the training programs of the Chartered Accountants both in Monza and in Milan to young accountants seeking to become fully qualified.
  • I have taught “Tax Litigation” and “Corporate Tax” in the State School for Public Officers of the “Agenzia delle Entrate (the Italian Fiscal Agency).
  • I am in charge of the Course of “Corporate tax” in the Executive Master in Accounting, Finance and Control in SDA Bocconi.
  • I have been a member of the National Commission for the State Exam in 2006 and today I am the Chairman of the “Income tax Study Commission” in the Monza branch of Chartered Accountants.


  • Have you ever had any professional experience abroad?
  • I have never worked for a foreign company, but I have assisted several clients in setting up their subsidiaries abroad or negotiating with foreign partners. I lived in Paris when I was a child. For this reason I speak quite good French, besides Italian and English.
  • I have/had clients from all over the world: (Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan, Colombia, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, USA).


  • Why did you decide to become a chartered accountant?
  • As I wasn’t good enough to play football, I decided to choose another funny job.


  • What are your professional skills?
  • I think I’m quite good at explaining all the risks and benefits about each possible option in taking any decision to clients.


  • Which are your personal skills?
  • I’m a good mediator. I believe that personal and professional confidentiality are very important and that we need to act accordingly.


  • Why would you recommend your performance to someone else? Would you be a client of yourself? Why?
  • I think it’s not fair to recommend yourself.


  • Have you a professional motto?
  • “Memento Audere Semper” i.e. Remember always to dare. Probably the reason why this is my motto is that I’m very cautious and I need to remember myself that sometimes I have to risk more.


  • What are you mostly proud of in your life?
  • My son and my firm.


  • What do you think about yourself?
  • I think I am a steady, earnest, sober, honest person (and not really as boring as it may seem sometimes).


  • Which are your beliefs?
  • Ethics and moral integrity are not an option, regardless of your religious beliefs.


  • Are you socially involved?
  • Yes, but I think it’s improper to publicize my activities.


  • Other curiosities you would like to underline?
  • I like to travel, and explore new countries, know new people and cultures and taste fine foods and wines from everywhere.
  • I am the author (with others) of several books and I have written several articles (in newspapers, academic and practitioners reviews).



For MonzaLegal I have developed a team for Corporate Tax, Mergers and Acquisitions, Domestic and International Tax Planning, Transfer Pricing, Inheritance Tax Planning and Tax Litigation.