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Notaio Carlo Conti

Notaio Carlo Conti



A brief interview to underline competences and skills, beliefs and achievements. Let’s lay bare the secrets that make us a winning team.

Carlo Conti

Carlo Conti


  • What's your name?
  • I am Carlo Conti.


  • Have you ever had a nickname? Explain it.
  • Nobody has ever given me one.


  • What type of notary are you?
  • I am a Notary Public and I deal with every kind of business related to real estate and companies, including the succession field. I have also the title of Lawyer, even though I have never practised this profession.


  • What can you tell me about your education and training? Do you have any particular qualifications?
  • After graduating in law with full marks at the University of Milan, I passed the exam for becoming a lawyer and after that I passed the Notary examination, profession that I now practice in Monza. I was a member of the board of Federnotai Lombardia and now I am member of the Legislative commission of the National Council of Notary Publics.


  • Have you ever had any professional experience abroad?
  • No, since Italian Notary Publics are Public Officers. Hence, they can practice their profession only in their district of competence.


  • Why did you decide to become a notary?
  • The Notary profession is a particular field related to law, since it is a mixture between the self-employed professional and the Public Officer. It is a very prestigious profession that requires a great commitment both for acquiring the right qualifications and for practising , but on the other side it gives a lot of satisfaction and allows me to operate for the good of society without constraints, which means as a free man.


  • What are your professional skills?
  • My profession requires confidentiality, skills of introspection and forecasting and also an ability to always remain objective and impartial. I think I have all these qualities and I can make use of them to guarantee the best possible service to my clients.


  • Would you recommend your performance to someone else? Why?
  • I always try to do my best and to use a practical and judicial methodology, learnt from my Teacher, who was and is one of the most competent professional in my district. I think that the excellent feedback from my clients and the satisfaction expressed by people who come to, prove that their choice was a good one. I demand a lot from both myself and my team and the services of the firm are performed according to the norms of best professional practice.


  • Have you a professional motto?
  • Work is very important, so much that it comes before anything.


  • Have you also a motto in life?
  • Life is wonderful!


  • What are you mostly proud of in your life?
  • Of my job.


  • What do you think about yourself?
  • I think I am loyal and fair.


  • Are you socially involved?
  • Not now, but when I was young and during the nineties I was politically involved and I was even elected a member of parliament of the XII Legislature.



For MonzaLegal I carry out the duties of Italian Notaries, who have the function of guaranteeing the validity of contracts and of legal transactions in general, bestowing public Trust to deeds and underwritings made in their presence. Besides, they have the function of retaining files of documents and they issue copies, certificates and statements. For MonzaLegal I focus in particular on Real Estate deeds and companies, but also on successions.