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Car accident, DUI, DWI, Traffic law and responsibility

Car accidents in Italy, Italian Traffic law and responsibility
Do you need help with a car accident in Italy? Are you looking for a DUI or DWI Attorney in Italy?


Have you been involved in a carcampervan/truck/motorbike accident in Italy and you don’t know what to do? Are you indicted in a traffic accident lawsuit and need solicitors or attorneys to help you? Are you a tourist visiting Italy or a business visitor driving either your own car or a hired car and have found, once home, a traffic fine from Italy awaiting you? Or have you had a problem related to:

  • Customs and safety measures when driving in Italy?
  • Road accident fund claims?
  • Speed and alcohol or drug abuse?
  • traffic fine or violation in Italy?
  • Car or other vehicle insurance in Italy?
  • Injuries from car crashes, possibly as a pedestrian?

In any of the above cases, you might need help to find a lawyer or an Italian legal firm - this might take up time and you will find many barriers (language, local law etc). If you want to avoid all the barriers you might encounter contact us directly at "info@monzalegal.com".

  • If you require simple translation service in order to pay a traffic fine from Italy or have a car insurance enquiry in Italy, we can guide you through the bureaucratic steps you need to fulfill;
  • If you have been involved in a car accident in Italy you will probably need assistance from an expert legal firm in Italy or an Italian solicitor or attorney. We can help you understand how to approach this process.
  • If you have a problem relating to a campervan, motorbike, truck accident or any road traffic accident involving any type of vehicle in Italy, we will tell you what to do step-by-step.

You can also contact us via Linkedin if you want more info.