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Civil Liability & Tort Law

Italian Civil Liability
If you need assistance from Italian Civil Liability lawyers and solicitors, please read the following and then contact us.


Did you suffer any damage in Italy from a third party due to

  • Bad management of assets(even for bad maintenance of highways and public assets);
  • Actions of others: employees, workers, children and people in custody;
  • Negligent driving of vehicles, aircraft, naval vessels;
  • Negligent custody of animals

And you want to claim for compensation?

In general, a third party is responsible for the damage against you, because they did not respect a general duty of behavior, especially if such duty is fixed by laws regulating human activities (for instance, driving on the road, running a construction site, taking care of animals or managing real estate).

In all such cases our duty is to prove in front of a Judge what the violated rule was, and how the violation occurred. We must prove afterwards the amount of the damage, from not only a financial, but also physical and moral point of view.

Our team of expert professionals is aware of the risks and the implications involved in relying upon someone you do not know. Our team includes a wide range of professionals, including lawyers, solicitors and attorneys, specialized in specific areas...

  • If you require simple translation service in order to better understand the theme of Civil Liability in Italy we can guide you through the bureaucratic steps you need to take;
  • If you have been involved in a Civil liability lawsuit in Italy you will probably need assistance from an Italian expert legal firm or lawyer. We can help you understand how to approach this process.
  • If you have a legal problem relating to Italian Civil liability we will tell you what to do step-by-step.

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