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Criminal law – White collar crimes

Italian Criminal Law
What is Italian Criminal Law about? Do you need legal advice on Criminal proceedings in Italy by an expert lawyer, attorney or solicitor?

Are you involved in a criminal proceeding in Italy and need legal assistance or legal services?

  • Are you the victim of a crime or civil wrong or tort in Italy and need help to get justice done?
  • Have you been indicted for a criminal lawsuit and need assistance by a lawyerattorney at law, or solicitor expert in Italian criminal proceedings rules?

If you want to contact a lawyer, avoiding all the barriers you might encounter (due to different language, local law etc.), please, contact us directly at "info@monzalegal.com".

We will provide you with specialist lawyers in Italy or Italian legal firm to assist you.

  • If you require simple translation service in order to help you process a criminal lawsuit in Italy we can guide you through the bureaucratic steps you need to fulfill;
  • If you need assistance from an expert legal firm in Italy or an Italian lawyer, we can help you understand how to approach this process.
  • If you have a problem relating to white collar crimes, homicide, drug offences, rape, sex offences and pornography, fraud offences, federal drug offences, computer offences, tax offences, firearms offences, bank robbery, environmental crimes, medical malpractice  in Italy and require assistance, we can carry out your case, according to best practice.


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