Debt collection and credit recovery in Italy

Debt collection and credit recovery in Italy
Do you need debt collection services in Italy? (private, corporate, public authority) or any form of credit recovery from Italy? 

You may need to collect debts in relation to:

  • A private company for unpaid invoices in Italy?
  • Judicial payment order?
  • An Italian citizen?
  • An Italian organization (e.g. University etc)?
  • An Italian local or governmental authority?

In any of the above cases you might need to contact a lawyer in Milan or an Italian legal firm - this takes up time there are many barriers (language, local law etc).

We will provide you with the best lawyers, attorneys and solicitors in Italy or Italian legal firm to assist you.

  • If you require simple translation service in order to help you process a credit recovery or debt collection from Italy we can guide you through the bureaucratic steps you need to fulfill, or
  • If you need assistance from an expert legal firm in Italy or an Italian lawyer. We can help you understand how to approach this process.
  • The same is true if you have a problem relating to any form of unpaid invoicetrade debt or personal debt in Italy.

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