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Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) in Italy
Mergers & Acquisitions in Italy - Italian M&A advisors or advisory firm

MonzaLegal offers you a wide range of professionals, who will assist you from the initial phases of searching and screening the possible target companies through to the end of the process, the formal merger and acquisition agreement. We also provide post Merger Integration phase assistance.

Our advisors and tax consultants guarantee the required assistance in the following steps of the process:

  • identification and selection of the target company: thanks to a deep market understanding and a well-established presence in the national and international environment, we will assist you in the analysis of the target's drivers of performance, capital structure, market channels, core competences.
  • Investigation & Evaluation of the target. We will help you with due diligence activities and corporate evaluation, including finding investment bankers, identifying synergy values and the total values of the combined companies;
  • Acquisition through negotiation, with particular reference to the writing of the negotiation plan and getting the bidding strategy ready;
  • M&A Agreement;

Besides, we will guide you in all Tax & Fiscal planning issues.

If you need assistance, please, contact us directly at "info@monzalegal.com" or visit our profile on social media.

Our network of professionals includes accountants & business advisorslawyerssolicitors and notary publics, specialized in different areas, but working together in close contact and offering a high level of competence.