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Notary services

Italian notary services
Do you need to find a notary in Italy, but have problems with the Italian language? Contact us on www.monzalegal.com

In Italy, the notary is associated with the idea of trustworthiness and with the idea of impartiality, which are granted by the fact that:

  • Italian notaries are recognized as being the most qualified experts in law (they become such after a very competitive and rigorous exam);
  • they are public officials, which means that they guarantee the truthfulness and legality of deeds;
  • they perform their profession not as State employees, but as freelancers, providing efficient and reliable services.

Italian notaries deal with three main branches: successionsreal estate transfers and the main aspects of corporate activities.

In these cases, it is compulsory under the Italian law to go to an Italian notary public.

Furthermore, they have a high level of responsibility, since citizens who ask for notary services are fully safeguarded even in case of any mistake.

For MonzaLegal we have developed a wide range of notary services, and will help you by creating suitable legal solutions, in order to avoid future disputes and complications in case you need to:

  • Buy a house, land or other real property;
  • Be assisted during the agreement signature;
  • Subscribe a mortgage contract for purchasing or restoring your Italian home;
  • Donate real property;
  • Prepare a power of attorney;
  • Present judicial review authorizations regarding children under 18;
  • Set up a new company;
  • Transfer shares and stocks;
  • Control the legal status of the property you are interested in;
  • Prepare a last will and testament.

We will assist you, your family and your business.

Our team includes a wide range of Italian professionals, including lawyers and solicitors, a notary public and chartered accountants, specialized in specific areas and that can guarantee to you a high level of competence and assistance in any enquiry you will submit to us.

  • If you require simple translation service in order to better understand the roles of Italian notaries we can guide you through the bureaucratic steps you need to fulfill;
  • If you need assistance from an Italian expert notary, contact us directly at "info@monzalegal.com".

You can also contact us via Google Plus or Linkedin if you want more info.