Separation and divorce

Italian Separation and Divorce proceedings
How can I get a divorce lawyer in Italy? How does separation work?

If you are wondering about one or more of the following questions, we will be glad to assist you:

  • How to apply for divorce or separation in Italy?
  • Do you want to end your marriage and start divorce proceedings?
  • Or did you get a divorce petition from your husband or wife and you don’t know where to get started or to which Italian divorce attorney apply to?
  • Do you need to obtain a Judgment of Annulment of marriage in Italy?
  • Do you want to obtain a Child custody Agreement?
  • Are you worried about the alimony to be due to your ex-spouse?

Quick divorce in Italy is not possible and you will need a lawyer or attorney to help you through the process.

It is a very delicate issue, even more when it comes to child custody and alimony matters. In such cases it is very important to seek expert legal advice – but obviously aiming to avoid the often excessive costs involved in the provisions of legal services in Italy.

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