Starting up a new business

Starting up a new business in Italy
How to start a small or any size business in Italy? Do you need help with company services in Italy?

Do you need an Italian lawyer or chartered accountant or other professional in relation to company formation or starting up of a new business in Italy? (private, corporate, NGO, public authority)?

MonzaLegal is a hub for business services in Italy which can help you:

  • Open a new branch of an existing company in Italy
  • Start a small, medium, large or even  on-line enterprise in Italy
  • Take over an existing Italian company
  • Find information on the Italian Company Register
  • Consolidate a temporary position (i.e. change from an agent to a fixed presence)

In any of the above cases you might need to contact a lawyer, solicitor or attorney in Italy or an Italian legal firm - this might take up time and you will find many barriers (language, local law etc). Embarking on a new venture in Italy is not as straightforward as you might imagine.

We will provide you with the best lawyers in Italy or Italian legal firm to assist you.

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