What to do in case of car accident in Italy: the C.I.D. form

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In case of road crash in Italy, there are two main things to do: get the C.I.D. form filled in and signed by both parties involved and take pictures of the scene, with particular reference to physical and atmospherical elements (position of vehicles, skid marks, road conditions, damages..).

The Modulo Blu di Constatazione Amichevole di Incidente or C.I.D. form (Accident Report form), in particular, is the document used to report a car crash in Italy.

Accurately filling in all spaces on the form and having it signed by both parties, helps simplify and speed up the process of recovering damages. Specifically, the form must indicate:

  • date, place and time of the road accident

  • plate number of the two vehicles

  • data of the insured parties and/or drivers

  • the names of the insurance companies

  • description of the dynamics of the accident

  • signature of both drivers.

In Italy, a signed C.I.D. form avoids any judicial action, because if handed by the injured party to the counterpart’s insurance company, it entitles the company to direct compensation of the injured party.