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Many different parties are involved in the Exposition with a central role being attributed to Official and Non-Official Partners.

Official Partners are States and International intergovernmental Organizations, who have received and accepted the official invitation by the Italian Government to take part in Milan Expo 2015. Each Official participant has its own operative structure, called General Section Commissioner, with its own staff. The Section Staff, in particular, includes:

  • - the General Section Officer, in charge for the Commissioner representation;
  • - the General Vicar Officer;
  • - the Pavilion Manager, and
  • - the other direct employees of the General Section Commissioner.

Non-Official Partners are legal national and international entities, authorized by the General Officer of Milan Expo 2015 to take part in the event, outside the Official Partners sections. Non-Official Partners may be, for instance, territorial Public Administration, companies and the civil society organizations. Each Non-Official Participant is represented by an officer.

The host country (Italy) has the following representatives:

  • - the General Officer of Milan Expo 2015, representing the Italian State for the accomplishment of the international obligations undertaken by Italy for the event;
  • - the Organizer, which is "Expo 2015 S.p.A.", responsible for infrastructural and organizational issues for the realization of Milan Expo 2015, and with the management of the Italian Pavilion, and
  • - the Owner, which is "AREXPO S.p.A”., owner of the expository area of Milan Expo 2015, on which there is a surface right in favour of the Organization.